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At this time we are allowing you to advertise your company or website on our site. With traffic of the site increasing more and more each month, you can get thousands of impressions of your company or website banner. 

Why advertise with us? We make it easy and affordable to advertise with us. We don't charge per click like most places, but on a monthly basis, so no matter how many people click on your banner, you still pay the same flat rate every month. Now these prices won't be this low for much longer, so take advantage of them, and apply to advertise your site now!

You can advertise for FREE! Some companies or websites may be eligible to advertise on this site for free. All you have to do is qualify, and then place the desired WRR Aquatech.com on your site. Based on the banner size you chose, and where you put it, you may be eligible for FREE advertising. Sign-up below, at our 'Sign-Up' Section!

Questions about advertising? E-mail us at advertising@wrraquatech.com.

There are 3 ad packages available. These are displayed below. You can choose what section you would like your ad placed at. 

Please note: Advertisements for the 'Home' page are on a special pricing plan, so when selecting the ad package below, select, 'Special'. At this time we are not offering an advertising spot on our index page.

Small Ad - $6.99/mo.
Includes display on 15 pages of your choice, and unlimited impressions and clicks.

Small Ad GOLD - $9.99/mo.
Includes display on all pages on site, and unlimited impressions and clicks.

Medium Ad - $9.99/mo.
Includes display on 15 pages of your choice, and unlimited impressions and clicks.

Medium Ad GOLD - $14.99/mo.
Includes display on all pages, and unlimited impressions and clicks.

Banner Ad - $14.99/mo.
Includes your section choice, and unlimited impressions and clicks. Part of our banner rotation, so will be displayed on all pages on our website.


After sign-up, your site will be reviewed, and you will be sent an e-mail informing you of the status of your inquiry. If indeed your website qualifies for advertising on WRR Aquatech.com, then you will receive an e-mail from a billing representative who will work out the payment method with you for your advertisement. 

Payment methods accepted, include check, money orders, and credit cards. We can automatically charge your credit card monthly, or you can send in a check. Our representatives can help you find the payment plan that is right for you.

Remember! There is only one fee, once a month.

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