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In this section you will find upcoming events, promotions, changes and features on our website, including company news, and more. Be sure to check back often, as we continue to add more and more information and features to our site.

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WRR was recently featured in a book called Free Stuff for Pet Lovers on the Internet. We are very happy to have been listed in this book, and would like to pass on the information to our visitors. You may buy the book in our book store, or by clicking on the book cover here.
This valuable guide is packed with all the latest sites for pet-loving web surfers, including: guides for freshwater and saltwater aquarium owners; dozens of sites for different breeds of dogs, cats, and birds; tips for caring for all types of reptiles and exotic animals; information on animal training, nutrition, travel, and safety; even advice from vets! $13.56 [Rating:5 out of 5 stars]

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Thank you!
We would like to thank all I.A.W.M.D. association members for reviewing our site, and choosing it to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award! We would also like to thank our webmaster for making this site such a success. We are especially looking forward to Project: Aquatech 2001, because we know it will be so successful.

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Our website is currently undergoing many changes and may have some errors; we're only human. Please report bad links, picture errors, script errors, spelling and grammar errors by clicking here. Thank you for helping us get our site nearly perfect.

Company News: Who is WRR Aquatech? is a website on the web which officially opened July 1st 2000. It is a step up from many other aquarium sites which may have been confusing to navigate, or simply...unorganized. We want to provide as much information as possible to our customers as well as the visitors of our website, in an organized, clean, and neat way. By offering maintenance, products, parts, information and other services, we can help you get everything you need and all the information you need, whether you are just starting a freshwater aquarium or already have one.

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